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Bus Driver Appreciation Week

Story taken from 92.1 WLHR's Website  

October 17, 2011


Today also kicks off School Bus Driver Appreciation Week in Georgia.

School bus drivers have an incredibly tough and highly responsible job – that of getting our children to and from school safely every day – in all kinds of weather.

School systems across the state are asking parents and children who ride the school bus to remember their bus driver today or sometime this week.  Speaking on Community Forum Sunday, Franklin County Schools Transportation Director Jason Ayers said the job is harder than it looks.

"Drivers have a huge task, day to day. You can imagine driving down the road with all those children, having to be aware of the road as well as keeping an eye on the children and all the safety concerns you would have with that," Ayers said.

Franklin County schools have 52 school bus routes, according Ayers.  He said many who sign on to be school bus drivers, don’t make it.

"We've had over-the-road truckers sign up to be school bus drivers and after a few days realize it's not for them. There's a lot of responsibility that goes with this job," he said.

Ayers said school bus drivers go through extensive training on and off the road before they take on a school bus route and continue their training as long as they drive a bus.

This week, you have a chance to thank your student’s school bus driver for their hardwork on your family’s behalf.

"A small child can color a picture of a bus, or give them a bag of goodies or some little treat; they love those sorts of things. Drivers do a lot of unseen things; be it helping with lunch money, bhelping a child who doesn't have a warm coat get lined up with a ministry or somewhere where they can get a coat for the winter. They're a lot like teachers in that way. Drivers do a lot of things that go unseen and they don't get a lot of credit for that, but their hearts are in what they do," Ayers said.

Other ideas and ways to thank your school bus driver this week, is bring him or her breakfast, have your child make a thank you card, or just tell them thank you when they come to pick up your child.

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