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Is school still scheduled to start Aug 7th?

As of right now, our start date is August 7th

Has Franklin County decided the requirements and guidelines for returning to school?

The FCSS is working to determine the safest requirements and guidelines for our students. We will follow state and CDC recommendations as much as possible. You can refer to this document that was recently shared at a recent BOE meeting. Click here to see the latest guidelines from the FCSS.

Why does the deadline for applying for the virtual learning option have to be so early?

The deadline has to be early so that the system can plan accordingly. We have to have an idea of how many students will be participating in the virtual learning option so that we can plan for staff and other resources.

How will this be similar to the online lessons my child completed in March, April, and May?

This will not be like the online lessons we had in March, April, and May. This will be a full online curriculum with a dedicated online teacher. There will be standard attendance requirements (minimum of 4.5 hours per day).

Is this mandatory or optional?

This is an option for parents to choose for the 2020-2021 school year. This would only become mandatory if the state were under some sort of quarantine or shelter in place order as we were back in March, April, and May.

Will my special education student receive supportive instruction (use of a paraprofessional)?

No supportive instruction services will be provided for students in the VLO.

How will my special education student connect with his/her special education teacher?

Special education students will have an assigned sped teacher who will touch base on a regular schedule for general support. This time will be scheduled during the IEP meeting and will not be a flexible scheduling option.