How to enroll a Student in the FCSS

The Franklin County School System has begun using Infinite Campus's Online Registration system. Please click here to begin your application for the 2023-2024 school year. If you are enrolling a Kindergartener to start in 2024, please click HERE.

Required Enrollment Documents:

- Birth Certificate

- Social Security Card*

- Immunization Records

- Guardianship Papers (if applicable)

- 3 Current Proofs of Residence (dated within 90 days)

Acceptable proofs must include parent/guardian name and current physical address, such as: deed, notarized lease/rental agreement, utility bill, property tax receipts, current homeowners insurance policy, or official postmarked mail.

You WILL NOT be able to register if you do not have all above documents. These can be uploaded into the online application, or they can be delivered to the central office after you complete the online application. 

Children must be five (5) years of age on or before September 1, 2023, to be eligible to register for Kindergarten.

Franklin County Schools is now accepting applications for out-of-county students for 2023-2024. Applications are now open. Please visit the Out-Of-County section of Enrollments for more information. 

It is required that all students attend the school in their district, but the parent may apply for a transfer. Visit Intra-Transfers page to learn more about these policies. 

Questions about district lines can be directed to the Transportation Department (706-384-4554 ext. 11349).

Please call 706-384-4554 if you have questions after completing the application. 

For transcript information, please click HERE. 

If you represent another school or educational facility and need special education records, please contact Tami Black at 706-384-4554 or email tami.black@franklin.k12.ga.us

Call 706-384-4554 for more information.


*Pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 20-2-150, before the final enrollment of a student to a publicly-funded Georgia school is complete, a parent, guardian, or other person shall provide a copy of the enrolling student’s social security number to the proper school authorities or shall complete and sign a form stating the individual does not wish to provide the social security number. Enrollment will not be denied if a parent does not provide a social security number. Social security numbers are used by the Department of Education for means of identifying students for FTE funding and/or for tracking transient students.