Tech Tips

1. Commands

  • Command+C = Copy
  • Command+V = Paste
  • Command+Z = Undo
  • Hold in Command and use the arrow keys to jump from word to word or paragraph to paragraph
  • Hold in Shift and use the arrow keys to highlight text

2. More than Docs, Slides and Sheets

  • We often think Google Apps is synonymous with the basic elements of Microsoft Office — Docs for Word, Slides for PowerPoint, Sheets for Excel. Not so! Click the red “New” button and then click “More” at the bottom of the menu. You’ll see new apps, including Google Forms (for surveys), Google Drawings (a simple graphic design app) and Google MyMaps (for creating custom maps with pins). Add others with “Connect more apps” at the bottom.

3. Revision history

  • It happens to the best of us. A student/teacher types something inappropriate on a shared document. Or we wipe out large parts of a very important slide presentation. Never fear … revision history is here! Find it under the File menu.

4. Add-ons

  • In the same vein as the additional Google apps, add-ons let you unlock new functions within individual files. Once you have a document, slide presentation or spreadsheet open, click the “Add-ons” menu.

5. Voice typing

  • This is a newer feature that might just blow your mind. Go to “Tools > Voice typing …” and click on the microphone icon that appears. Google Apps uses the microphone in your device to type the words you speak. This is great if you’re a very verbal person and would prefer to talk instead of type. It’s also great for students who may struggle using a standard keyboard.